2015-2016 ThunderX Trophy Award

Xiaodong Wang, a Ph.D. Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University is winner of the 2015-2016 ThunderX Trophy.

Xiandong Wang, in his lab at Cornell University
Xiandong Wang, in his lab at Cornell University

Xiaodong is in the research group of Professor José Martínez. Professor Martínez’s research work has earned several awards; among them: two IEEE Micro Top Picks papers; a HPCA Best Paper Award; a NSF CAREER Award; and two IBM Faculty Awards. On the teaching side, he has been recognized with a 2005 Kenneth A. Goldman '71 Excellence in Teaching Award, as a 2007 Merrill Presidential Teacher, and as the 2011 Tau Beta Pi Professor of the Year in the College of Engineering.

Xiaodong interned for the architecture team at the Cavium HQ in San Jose, CA during the summer of 2015. During his internship, Xiaodong performed extensive research and analysis into caching behavior in multi-programmed workloads. He used Thunder hardware to analyze destructive interference in shared resources between concurrently running applications and examined various methods for isolating applications within the cache hierarchy to improve performance.

Based on the insight gathered from the hardware analysis, Xiaodong proposed improvements for future products which resulted in a patent application co-authored with engineers at Cavium. Xiaodong produced an astounding amount of results and analysis in a very short time, but his contributions did not end there.

Xiaodong developed new tools for his research which were subsequently adopted by the product teams for hardware analysis. Xiaodong furthered both research and tool infrastructure at Cavium, and his work has impacted multiple teams at the company. Due in large part to the excellent work Xiaodong did over the summer, Cavium is continuing its research collaboration with Xiaodong and his advisor, Prof. Jose Martinez.