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General questions

Who can enroll in the Cavium Networks University Program?

Professors and instructors in a recognized university or college.

How does a professor enroll in  the Cavium University Program?

A professor can fill in and submit an enrollment request form.

How does a professor get boards and/or devices?

A professor must be a member of the Cavium Networks University Program to get discounts on development boards (submit enrollment request). For board grants, please fill in and submit a board request form. To make board purchases, please contact with your requirements.

How does a professor get download cables?

Please contact with your requirements.

How does a professor get CNXXXX software?

CNXXXX software is available for Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms. To receive CNXXXX licenses and documentation, a professor must be a member of the Cavium University Program (submit enrollment request). Then fill in and submit a license request form.

How does a professor get technical support?

This FAQ web page is a good starting point to search for answers to commonly asked questions. For additional technical support, professors can search for documentation and answers to questions by performing a search on Cavium website and other Cavium documentation sources.

  • Search—Perform a text-based search on all or parts of the website.
  • University Program Forum—Search or post in this forum for discussions related to Cavium University Program materials, including CNXXXX development and education boards, Cavium Monitor Program, and tutorials and labs.
  • Cavium Networks User Network—The Cavium User's Network was founded in 2007 to bring Cavium users together and encourage learning from one another. At the Cavium Forum, users can share projects, news, and ideas related to Cavium products in an effort to make everyone's experience with Cavium products better.
  • Design Examples—View and download design examples by Cavium and third parties.
  • Cavium mySupport—If none of the resources listed above answer your question, you can submit a service request to Cavium' mySupport system.

How does a professor register and submit a support request using mySupport?
Follow these steps to register and submit a support request on mySupport:

  • Click the "Sign Me Up" button on the mySupport home page. The "Terms of Service" agreement appears.
  • Click the "I Accept" button on the Terms of Service agreement page. The first page of the registration process appears.
  • Since you are not listed in our database, you must register as a new user. This is the first option entitled "I do not use Cavium software. I am a new user." Click the "Step 2" button.
  • Complete each of the screens. On the final page of the registration process, click the hyperlink to mySupport.
  • Click the "Create a New Request" hyperlink or button. The "Request Type" page appears.
  • Click the "Product Related Request" hyperlink.
  • Complete the form and submit.

Should you have any problems registering, call 1-888-610-MKTG.

Does the University Program offer special development kit prices for universities?

The Cavium University Program has special pricing on nearly all kits developed by Cavium. Additionally, Cavium' commercial kits are discounted in some instances. Cavium also offers a line of university-focused teaching and development boards at a very low cost ($XXX to $XXX), including most (if not all) of the features of the commercial kits. Purchases and requests for donations can be made in the Members section.


How long does a CNXXXX license last?

The CNXXXX Web Edition license is good for 150 days. The CNXXXX Subscription Edition license is of unlimited duration for professors.


Which board should I use?

Cavium provides excellent boards that are designed and manufactured for educational use. To make board purchases, please contact with your requirements. Grants are also available for research projects.

Can I upgrade my old Cavium board?

No. You should consider a newer board for modern embedded design.

How do I get my board repaired or replaced?

Generally speaking, boards are not repairable. We can supply the complete schematics and parts list if you know that a component is damaged and would like to replace it yourself.

How do I purchase a Cavium board?

There are many ways to purchase a Cavium CNXXXX board. To make board purchases, please contact with your requirements. Grants are also available for research projects.

What makes the Cavium CNXXXX development and education board better than the competition?

Cavium' XXXX board is the result of the accumulated experience from designing and manufacturing 30,000 boards, all targeted for education. It has robust I/O circuitry and peripherals, including industry-standard connectors for video, audio, USB, and Ethernet. The CNXXXX is also designed to be more rugged than any other board on the market. It has physical hardware to protect the components, and circuitry to protect the processor from electrical damage. Additionally, it is sold near manufacturing cost, which keeps its price extremely low.

Where can I find support for the CNXXX board?

Please visit

Tutorials and labs

What is available to students?

All tutorials and laboratory exercises are available to students. Solutions are available to professors only.