UCSC-Stanford Cloud Workshop - 2018

The UCSC-Stanford Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing will be conducted in the Fall of 2018 on the UC Santa Cruz campus (Please check back later for date, room, and registration info).

Admission is Free for undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and professors to attend this Workshop on emerging Cloud and IoT Technologies. This event is co-organized by Prof. Heiner Litz (UCSC), Prof. Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford) and the IAP.

IAP Workshops feature a Technical Forum with a full day of in-depth technical presentations, with a student poster session conducted during the breaks and lunch. Students in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, engineering, math, the physical and biosciences are welcome.

MIT Cloud Workshop best poster
Dr. Amin Vahdat, Google Fellow, presents "Cloud 3.0 and Software Defined Networking" to the audience at the 2016 Stanford Cloud Workshop.

Professor Christos Kozyrakis Welcomes Attendees and Offers Perspectives on the Value of IAP Workshops and Expectations for the Day

What to Expect at the 2018 UCSC-Stanford Cloud Workshop
Attendees can expect (1) a rich technical program of speakers and panelists from academia and industry, (2) multiple opportunities to network with experts in academia and industry who research and provide solutions for all aspects of the cloud, (3) a poster session (open to any student) with Best Poster Awards of $300 cash. For further glimpses of what you can expect, please see the summaries of recent Workshops at Stanford, CMU, Cornell, Berkeley, UT Austin, University of Washington, and MIT.

Comments from the 2016 Stanford Workshop Attendees

These IAP workshops bring together academics and some of the most exciting companies in the world - working on hardware, operating systems, networking and high end distributed data bases. This is a really good opportunity for exchange of ideas and to bring up upcoming problems and think about interesting cross cutting approaches we can develop in the future. – Professor Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford

"The workshop was great!  It's the kind of event that sustains deep two-way engagement between top-tier industry and academia - it keeps research on both sides inspired, relevant, impactful, and informed." – Professor Mothy Roscoe, ETH Zurich

I have co-organized with Jim two of these workshops at Cornell, and also presented remotely at one of the MIT/Harvard ones. But this was my first time physically attending an "off-site" (from a Cornell POV!) IAP workshop. It was an excellent event! I loved the presentations, the interaction with students and industry folks, and the opportunity to catch up with Stanford colleagues. – Professor Jose Martínez, Cornell

This was the second IAP workshop I have attended. Once again, it was a great event and very well organized. The range of talks was excellent and the workshop provided a great opportunity to mingle and discuss future research directions.” – Martin Maas, PhD student, UC Berkeley

“This was a great event with talks and posters covering a wide range of topics in computer systems and architecture. The event brought colleagues in academia and industry together to discuss exciting research directions.” – Ana Klimovic, PhD student, Stanford

The IAP workshop was a great venue to know about the cutting edge industry and academic research, along with getting useful feedback on your work.” – Radhika Mittal, PhD student, UC Berkeley

“A good opportunity to mingle with industry and academia people and exchange ideas. Really nice event!” – Song Han, PhD student, Stanford

“Great collection of speakers. Very well organized. A unique opportunity to catch up with state of the art research both from academia and industry. I invited two of my colleagues to attend last call and they were kindly welcomed. Hope it is held more frequently and in a bigger scale in future.” – Dr. Ardevan Pedran, Research Fellow, Stanford

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
Dr. Pankaj Mehra (facing camera) converses with Professor Christos Kozyrakis (center of photo) and a student during a break in the presentations at the 2016 Stanford Workshop.

Scenes from the Poster Session at the 2016 Stanford Workshop

The Poster Session was held from 10:30AM-1PM, including the Lightning Round for students to present a brief verbal overview of their work to the entire audience.

Ana Klimovic (right), a Stanford PhD student describes her work "REFLEX: REMOTE FLASH ≈ LOCAL FLASH" to Workshop attendees. Ana is advised by Professor Christos Kozyrakis, and also working on Reflex with Dr. Heiner Litz.

Professor Mothy Roscoe, ETH Zurich, points to data on Radhika Mittal's poster, "REVISITING NETWORK SUPPORT FOR RDMA". To his right (left in the photo) is Changhoon Kim, Barefooot Networks, and Radhika, a PhD student at UC Berkeley, advised by Professor Sylvia Ratnasamy and Professor Scott Shenker.