University Program Enrollment Form

Getting Started :

Students :
  1. Download case studies, labs and course materials from the download page
  2. Join the Cavium’ user community at and join the University Discussion group
  3. Contact Cavium university program director at to setup a meeting and discuss your course and/or research requirements.
  4. Enroll for hardware and special grants by filling out the form below

ENROLL FOR Students :

Students, please fill out the form below. After filling out the form below you will be contacted by the university program staff to discuss you specific Academic needs and how Cavium can help.

Contact Information

All information entered should be contact information at your university. Do not enter personal address information.

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Purpose of Application

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Research Support: List the research for which are you are requesting support and provide an abstract of the research project.
Course Support: List the courses for which you are requesting support. Also, provide course syllabus, catalog description, or other supporting material.


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Terms and Conditions

All requests are subject to the approval of the Cavium University Program Review Committee. The committee reserves the right to limit quantities. Products donated or sold through the Cavium University Program are the property of the university and remain with the university. These items are to be used for academic and/or research purposes only and not for commercial use.
* By checking this box, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated above.

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